Co-op Coalition Report – Energy Mess

…it has taken nearly two years, to fail to adjudicate a straightforward rate review request from the utility

Trevor Browne, Chairman, Cooperative Coalition

We are pleased to share with you the summary report provided to our members on the ongoing BLPC Rate Hearings as at August 30, 2023. After nearly two years, we feel obligated to provide a comprehensive overview of our findings so far for our Co-op members. One of our primary objectives in becoming involved in the process was to ensure that a clear and understandable assessment of the key issues is made available to any and all members of the Co-operative movement, and indeed of the public, who have the interest.

Trevor Browne, Chairman, Cooperative Coalition

The Barbados Light & Power Company Limited (BLPC) is arguably the most critical asset owned by the people of Barbados. It is a regulated public utility, created by the Laws of Barbados for the public good, and is structured in such a way that its day-to-day operations are leased, by the Ministry of Energy, to a selected franchise holder, who enjoys a long-term contract of service – currently 42 years. The present franchise expires in 2028 after having been granted in 1986. BLPC is regulated by the FTC and operates subject to a number of the Laws of Barbados – specifically the Electric Light & Power Act (ELPA), Utilities Regulations Act (URA), Utilities Procedural Regulation Rules (UPRR) and the Fair Trading Act (FTA).

Just under two years ago, the Coalition of Cooperatives, representing the Barbados Sustainable Energy Co-operative Society Ltd, The Barbados Cooperative & Credit Union League and the Barbados Cooperative Business Association Ltd., applied, and were accepted as one of the Intervenors in the 2021 BL&P rate hearing application.

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