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“Two British women who were raped within days of each other in Barbados say they are convinced the man who has been charged is not their attacker. Researcher Dr Rachel Turner, from Hertfordshire, and Diane Davies, from Anglesey, in north Wales, were attacked on a beach in Holetown St James in October 2010.

Barbadian Derick Crawford, 47, has been charged but both women, who have waived their right to anonymity, told BBC Breakfast’s Bill Turnbull and Louise Minchin why they believe he is innocent. They say he is much younger than the man who raped them. Both women hope the case will be dropped at the next hearing on Thursday.”

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BBC’s World Have Your Say Asks: Is Marriage A Step Too Far For Gay Rights?

Link/Image - New York Times

The issue of declining morals in our societies is one which BU remains very concerned.  We have recorded our view in previous blogs; the issue of homosexuality is one of a moral flavour and not the rights issue in which the gay movement has been able to escalate this issue. The recent same sex marriage which occurred in Latin America and  the arrest of a gay couple in Malawi has given renewed currency to the gay debate. There is no doubt the movement is beginning to probe the  Caribbean space in a more aggressive manner. Our hoppa-long leaders will have to declare a position soon. The next two years will make for interesting politics in the Caribbean region.

Tomorrow at 2PM Bajan time, the BBC World Service will broadcast its popular program World Have Your Say. A BU blog, A Step Too Far Or Fairness And Equality: Same Sex Partner’s Legal Rights posted by family member Yardbroom has been featured on the BBC blog which promotes tomorrow’s radio show. Unfortunately BU (David) had to decline the BBC invitation to be on the show tomorrow; a challenge which BU will have to overcome at some point.

The gay debate has reached an interesting point in the US and the UK especially. There is a willingness to accept gay relationships but hesitancy when taking the normal next step to marriage. This current state of affairs is being described as duplicitous to say the least.

For those who are not able to listen live we hope to post a link to the Podcast to the program for the BU family.

Happy New Year Everyone!