Maid Highest Paid ‘Employee’ at Barbados New York Consulate

The following was sent to BU’s inbox to create awareness about the plight of admin staff working at Barbados Consulates – Barbados Underground

Kerri Symmonds, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Government opening consulates all over the place but the established ones haven’t had increases since 2010, everyone making the government mandated minimum wage from 2022 with the maid in New York being the highest paid employee since she is also the night cleaner making $4,000 monthly as night cleaner. 

So her monthly pay is over $5,000. She has been night cleaner about 10 years. And the office supplies the cleaning supplies, she employs 2 people to work with her.

People in Canada, USA and London haven’t had salary increases since 2010 which were backdated to 2008, because government didn’t have money to cover the entire period 2000 to 2010. Staff turnover in Canada is very high because of the low wages and in New York the monthly salary is $2700 USD since 2008 and rents increasing annually and government opening missions and consulates all over the world.

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