David Thompson Suffering From Barack Obama Sickness



On New Years Day 2008, The Democratic Labour Party (DLP) introduced its 30 candidates in Oistins at what they dubbed a Cultural Extravaganza. All those present observed a massive crowd in attendance. In the aftermath of the meeting, it has generated considerable debate as to whether the sizable crowd was a result of the popular entertainment acts on show or the anticipated offerings from the politicians. Whatever the reason, the DLP was successful in attracting people who are eligible to vote to hear their message and that is the important thing to note.

NO, we are not repeating our story of yesterday!

Leader of the Opposition David Thompson in his presentation to the large audience addressed the issue of his readiness for leadership. He obviously feels that this is a key issue which will be key to the outcome of the upcoming general election on the 15 January 2008. David Thompson has been compared by his detractors to former West Indies cricketer Carl Hooper – has looked the part but has stopped short of realizing his full potential. From a school boy it was felt by many that Thompson was a future Prime Minister and the fact that he has not yet satisfy that expectation is a source of perennial discussion across the length and breath of Barbados. He has all the ingredients which successful politicians appear to need to be successful; yet he has never been able to clear the hump. He possesses charisma, good oratory and debating skills, a long track record of working in the community, a personal and family background which is devoid of questionable morals and values and the list goes on.

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