Opera Telecom Ltd

I have been following the Opera Telecom phone rigging scandal in the UK and wonder if there is not concern for us here in Barbados. Joanne Nugent, a representative of Opera Interactive (Barbados) Limited has today stated they are separate companies, but when initially asked in July, she replied with a UK fax number and Opera Telecoms UK website address.

According to the CAIPO office in Barbados they are registered under # 27987 dated 28 November 2006. However, the competition ‘ads’ aired on CBC Channel 8, clearly show the name OPERA TELECOM after the conditions section and NOT Opera Interactive (Barbados) Ltd.

If you have seen the ‘ads’ you maybe would agree they are insulting but the point is those that respond are charged BDS$2.30 per call or text and where is the accountability.

Clearly, there was little in the UK.


Best Regards

Adrian Loveridge