Offshore Exposed (Looking at Loopholes in Barbados Canada Treaty)

Submitted by Due Diligence
Giles Gosselin operates SG Global Consultants

Giles Gosselin operates SG Global Consultants

I often post on Barbados Underground about our [Barbados] lack off exposure in the Toronto media. Today I want to point out 17 minutes of media exposure Barbados got (October 2) on the Canadian National news program on CBC TV. The National is probably the most widely watched news program in Canada

The segment, named OFFSHORE EXPOSED, features a Canadian Lawyer, Giles Gosselin, who was formerly a lawyer at Canada Revenue Agency and now lives in Barbados and operates SG Global Consultants  and DGM Bank and Trust, whose directors include Canadian Phillip Armstrong, Senator Geoffrey Cave, C. Anthony Audain, Roger Cave and John Williams .  The segment can be seen (after brief commercials) on this WEBSITE or Google “Offshore Exposed”.

This is from  Ex-Revenue Canada lawyer advice how to hide money offshore on the WEBSITE.

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