Averting a Legitimation Crisis–a divided country

Six years after the global meltdown and we remain an in-cohesive people

Six years after the global meltdown we remain a divided people

There is no safety for honest men except by believing all possible evil of evil men.

Edmund Burke

Modern societies are fighting to stem an unprecedented level of corruption across the globe. There is  pervasive hankering for material things even when personal values are compromised in the process. Is Barbados insulated from the global experience?

There has been a lot of puffing of the chest by the political people in reaction to Transparency International’s release of the global corruption barometer for 2013. BU understands that Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart gave an interview to BBC and addressed the issue – how Barbados maintains its clean image given our high rating. Any good PR planted in the UK space is good given the dent to our reputation in the last 12 months. BU is not bowled over by Transparency International reports because we know this is based on a ‘perception index’ and then there is the relativity of the result. What is the significance of Barbados registering a better score on the corruption index compared to Jamaica, T&T, EC countries and others in the English speaking Caribbean anyway? Let us smile about the PR opportunity for Barbados but let us not forget that the incumbent government ran its campaign in 2008 on what it perceived was corruption by the Barbados Labour Party (BLP). Who do we believe Mr Prime Minister you or Transparency International?

More important should be the focus by Barbadians on what political science refers to as ‘legitimation crisis’. This is defined when  “a governing structure still retains the legal authority by which to govern, but is not able to demonstrate that its practical functioning fulfills the end for which it was instituted.” Some will argue that BU is being harsh in its assessment of the reality that is Barbados. We think NOT.

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No No Seymour Must Go!

Submitted by Benny
Deputy COP Seymour Cumberbatch

Deputy COP Seymour Cumberbatch

I wish to congratulate the Police Services Commission (PSC) for the bold stance they have taken in recommending the removal of Mr Dottin from office. I have made numerous calls for some form of sanctioning of Mr Dottin. The members of the Royal Barbados Police is feeling a little relief. However the job is not yet finish.

Mr Dottin’s problem was that he was hand picked by the government of the day to lead the force when he was not equipped with general policing knowledge to adequately fulfil that role. If we cast our minds back we should remember that this was stated by Inspector Anderson Bowen some years ago. The second issue for Mr Dottin was that he attempted to draw on the experience and knowledge of those he assumed he could trust. Little did he know that he was embracing the Devil himself in the person non other than the current acting deputy Mr Seymour Cumberbatch. I will now call on the PSC and the PM. Mr Stuart to complete the job with the immediate suspension of Mr Cumberbatch and an immediate investigation into the second fatal accident for which his brother is responsible.

Mr Cumberbatch transferred the collision reconstructionist Sgt Mayers because the report he submitted was unfavourable to his brother as charges was recommended. Secondly the vehicle driven by his brother was taken to a private garage after the accident instead of being impounded as an exhibit until all mechanical checks were done by the MTW personnel. This vehicle was escorted by Sgt 1051 Cumberbatch himself a questionable character. It is common knowledge that Mr Cumberbatch was always viewed with suspicion among the ranks. He was the S/Sgt in charged of the Major Crime Squad in the 1990s when a number of his juniors were removed from that department by the then COP Mr Durant for corrupt practices. Mr Cumberbatch should recall when the Special duty officer saw him in the late 80s off loading blocks from the then CID land rover M3607. This was after the watchman at the Heywoods Hotel which was under construction reported to District E that this vehicle was seen removing blocks. Mr Cumberbatch has reached a very high rank in this organisation despite always being of suspicious character. It is would be a total mockery of the law and the Royal Barbados that this man should be allowed to use the court system to seek elevation to the rank of DCP whilst at the same time still engaging in corrupt practices. He never had respect for the very law that he swore to uphold and should not be allowed to continue to commit and condone crime.

The removal of Mr Dottin should be followed by the removal of Mr Corrupbatch, it should not be seen as a political vendetta but a matter of cleansing