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Activities At Barbados Only Marine Park Comes Under Further Scrutiny~Mortality Rate Of The Marine Life Is Just Too High

When Bajan Reporter blog “scooped” the story last week which revealed that marine life at the island’s lone marine park is dying at a high rate, the news travelled like a cat on a hot tin roof. Barbadians are not known to be animal friendly but as a tourist destination the goings on at the Ocean Park has stretched beyond

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Ocean Park Head Curator Refutes Accusation Of Abuse Of Marine Life Making The Rounds In The Blogosphere

Addressed to Bajan Reporter blog: It was with no small measure of surprise and disbelief that I read your article “Barbadian Marine Habitat Under Fire….”I am the Head Curator at Ocean Park. I have worked for the last 14 years in Public Aquariums around the world and am a qualified marine biologist. Public aquariums are a powerful tool in the

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