It’s an ICT World: Further Information About Linux …

Linux - open source OS

Linux – open source OS

Submitted by Sid Boyce as a comment to the Barbados Cyber Security: Recommendations from a Bajan Cyber Warrior blog. BU has highlighted the submission because it gives a lucid insight into the world in which we have to compete for the foreseeable future. This is how literacy is defined in the new world in which we live. It is regrettable that the Barbados Growth and Development Strategy document 2013 – 2020 makes failing mention of earthmoving ICT initiatives to help drive economic growth.

If you use a Smart TV, a Dreambox, an Android Phone or tablet, a fridge, own a new car or simply using the entertainment system on a flight they are using Linux. The Raspberry Pi and almost all embedded systems run Linux. The majority of the internet backbone runs on Linux, so it’s not just a niche operating system. It’s also where the highest paying computer jobs are on offer.

One of the real benefits is the educational value. Besides being free as in both freedom and free beer, it’s of benefit to anyone wanting to learn the internals of the system unlike Windows where get only what Microsoft damn well gives you with no say in how it’s put together. Besides the big companies like IBM, HP, Intel, Dell etc. anyone is free to contribute to Linux development by way of enhancements, submitting improvements etc. There are programmers all over the world who are contributing to the operating system core – the Linux kernel – and all the applications that run on it.

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