Slap On The Wrist For Drug Trafficker: There Is More In The Mortar

Submitted by Caswell Franklyn

Keith Allen, drug trafficker Photo credit: Nation Newspaper

It was reported in the Nation of January 27, 2012 that in the process of handing down sentence on Keith Allen, the LIAT pilot who was caught with drugs, the magistrate said that she had taken into consideration his early guilty plea, his age, that he cooperated with police and appeared genuinely remorseful, and that his character witnesses – two clergymen – had testified that his actions were out of character. The magistrate is reported as going on to say, “Fortunately for the accused, the mitigating factors outweigh the aggravating factors”.

I have never heard such a lame excuse for slapping a major criminal on the wrist. Make no mistake about it a fine of $250,000 might seem large to the average man, but he is not an average man: he is a drug trafficker with access to large sums of money. $ ¼ million is chump change for a drug trafficker. Didn’t the magistrate get it? This man is a drug trafficker of the worst kind.

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