Barbados Police Force Getting A Bum Rap

Submitted by RUSERIOUS

An article was posted on that ignorant site called BFP about the and I quote “Inability of the Police Force to stem the violence“. I respond as a law abiding citizen who has a clue.

You say “inability of the Police force to stem the violence?” You are being sarcastic right? Let’s check some facts. There are 80,000 persons since Barbados became independent who have been charged with a crime. That is a significant portion of the population.

Time after time and all the time and every time the judiciary hands down monkey sentences, and recycles criminals through the prison system, violent repeat offenders who no longer serve a purpose in society are sentenced to miniscule prison sentences, come out, kill/rob/rape again multiple times,  are caught by police and the process repeats itself. Nearly ALL of the persons committing violent crime have multiple conviction records on average of 7 or more convictions. Some have as much as thirty for burglary/robbery/serious bodily harm/possession of weapons.

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Setting The Record Straight Now And Going Forward

Many have questioned the reason for the bad blood which exist between Barbados Free Press and Barbados Underground (BU). Up to now we had taken a decision to use whatever reputational capital we had acquired to absorb all* attacks directed at us. The attacks on BU have been centred on race related concerns and in recent weeks we have observed surrogate blogs adding to the vitriol being spewed. The real reason for the antagonism we know is our conflicting position regarding the Nelson Barbados Group matter. This is a matter which has seen Prime Minister David Thompson being engaged. What all of it has done is to spur us to stay true to the ideals which BU seeks to represent. Why have we decided to depart from our policy of direct engagement with Barbados Free Press now becomes the obvious question.

We had hoped the perpetrators of  the uncalled for attacks on BU family member ROK would have abated after WordPress requested a blog be removed/changed that was offensive to ROK. As time has passed the attacks have become more and more vitriolic whether from the blogmaster of Barbados Free Press or via comments. All Barbadians who have followed the career of ROK know he has given unstintingly to the country Barbados in which he lives, most notably as an Intervenor in public utilities hearings through the years.  It would therefore be negligent of BU if we did not use our blog to expose the duplicity of Barbados Free Press who by the weight of the evidence in our possession has been disingenuous to the cause.

The effectiveness of the blogs as a tool for social consciousness and social change is largely dependent on the anonymity of bloggers. Very few people are willing to put themselves and their families at risk of being sued or becoming the victims of official displeasure and censure or, indeed, in some cases of facing torture and even death in extreme cases. The advent of the blogs has allowed people with a social conscience to exercise that social conscience with minimal risk. The blogs have also allowed anyone who wishes to, to inform themselves, without the spectre of persecution that once visited both author and reader. It is against the foregoing we view the attack on ROK as a cowardly act by Barbados Free Press and in recent weeks by Dave No-balls Speller.

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