Cost Of Using Barbados Money

Submitted by the People Democratic Congress (PDC)

In our last BU article the PDC made slight mention of the circumstance where when individuals, businesses and other entities are exchanging goods, resources and services how, in doing so, the essential things that are happening are that these individuals and other entities are paying for the use of the Barbadian people’s money.
Yes, the fact of the matter is that this phenomenon of individuals, businesses and other entities in Barbados paying for the use of the Barbados people money, is one that has lately been getting very urgent critical attention by the PDC, and has been getting nearly indepth investigations and researches just short of intensive study, ever since our recent discovery that – outside of TAXATION, INTEREST RATES, REPAYABLE INSTITUTIONAL LOANS for productive purposes, etc. – it is the single biggest domestic political financial cause of the present decay in the material production distribution structures and processes of the country.

On the basis of those things and what we have long known to be happening – to some extent- politically, materially financially in this country, here is what we have so far generally concluded about this very depressing degradable phenomenon/variable. We have come to the irrefutable conclusion: that so-called economists in Barbados have failed to identify this phenomenon/variable that has been doing such irreparable damage to the so-called economy, have consequently failed to describe it causes and its impact on some other national variables, and have consequently failed too to come up with partial solutions to address it. So much for so-called economists!!!

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