Shame On You Rawle!

Submitted by Porridgeboy

Rawle Eastmond MP

I had no intention of voicing my opinion on the ongoing saga between the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) incumbent in St. James North  and the branch of that constituency. First let me say I do not see why this internal matter has been placed in the public domain at this time. Secondly,  I can’t understand why Mr Rawle Eastmond would seek a meeting with Mr. Owen Arthur, Opposition Leader and Political Leader of the BLP on a matter that is clearly set out in the constitution of the party. Thirdly, it boggles  my mind  why Miss Mia Mottley would  seek a private meeting  with Mr Arthur as stated  in the Nation newspaper, page 30, January 2012 to discuss the Rawle Eastmond issue  via text to Mr Arthur.  This is after being informed one week earlier that nether he [Arthur] or she [Mottley] can do any thing at this time or at no time on this issue because the party  process must be allow to work . What is so hard in that to understand?

Miss Mottley spoke of her attempt to heal the party but she seeks a meeting with the Political Leader via text message and the newspaper to discuss matters in private. What rubbish! I find this to be intolerable and an insult to the post of the Opposition Leader’s Office, when she knows very well that this matter or any other matters could be raised in the right forum if requested. Who is she trying to convince? Is it herself? What is the real agenda? Is it to make it seem that there are problems in the party when there’s none especially at this time and in a pre election period?  Taking this non issue and using it to her advantage!

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Owen Arthur: It’s Unfortunately Time To Take The Gloves Off

Submitted by EnoughIsEnough

Opposition Leader Owen Arthur (foreground) and Deuty Dale Marshall (background)

As a realist it is clear to me that in order to WIN the next general election the internal BLP drama between Owen Arthur and Mia Motley must be resolved.

Each day the drama continues diminishes the party’s ability to effectively focus on regaining government from the hands of the DLP. As a BLP supporter it is time for BLP leadership and Owen Arthur to take the “GLOVES OFF” and give Barbados publicly the “REAL” reasons why MM should not and cannot lead the BLP party or Barbados … being a question of “LEADERSHIP and MORALITY” not “GENDER” as many would have you believe.

This approach against “our own” is unfortunate and will initially surely cause some heightened political pain for the BLP.  OA is the only one in Barbados with the political clout and weaponry to withstand the MM
counter attack which is sure to come.

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