Senior Citizens Must Be Treated With Dignity By Healthcare Professionals

Minister of Health Donville Inniss


Yesterday my grandmother was admitted into one of the District hospitals. Her caretaker (one of her children) left three new house dresses, two new night gowns, a new pair of bedroom slippers in the suitcase next to her bed until a plastic clothes locker could be bought. With a permanent marker and in large print my mother marked her name and ward. My mom while on the ward saw a box of cereal on top of the refrigerator. Knowing that my grandmother doesn’t eat that she asked what is served for breakfast. The nurse asked her “what do you want to know that for?” and  did not disclose that info.

They said that since my grandmother was new, she might want to walk off or give trouble so they restrained her to her bed by tying her hands and around her waist. While we understood that we wondered if she would be in those restraints all day and night without a chance to walk around but we figured that since she still uses the bathroom on her own, she would get mobility when she had to go there and also for showers. However, the nurse then informed the caretaker and my mother that they were to buy diapers for her and they said well she uses the bathroom on her own and she said well we will put her in diapers. Water settled in my mother’s eyes at the thought of leaving her mother there, it was hard decision. The nurse saw her and said “what are you crying for? Ppl have to die” My mother told her “she is my mother and it is difficult for me to leave her here”.

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