An Adulterer’s Right To Sue

Submitted by Sargeant

BU is always trying to tackle issues on moral grounds. I mean every month there is some thread on homosexuality but I don’t see any threads on infidelity but perhaps many don’t see infidelity as a moral issue.

The following is a story about infidelity with a twist because the woman who was caught is suing the media Corporation who let the cat out of the bag. The story in a nutshell ( I am attaching a newspaper article) is the woman had her cell phone in her maiden name and received her cell phone bill separately. The husband decided to “bundle” the internet, cable, home phone and his cell bill together which saves a whole whack of money. The next month when he receives the bill his wife’s bill is included with all the numbers that she had called including several calls of lengthy duration to one number. The hubby suspicious calls the number and discovered that his wife has been making the beast with two backs with the individual who is at this number. The husband picks up and leaves, the wife is devastated and spends her time all weepy at work, couldn’t perform her duties and in time is terminated from her job which pays $100,000 pa (she claims).

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Barbados Church Admits Failure To Curbing Teen Sex In The Flock

Young church goers between the ages of 10 and 25 in Barbados are having sexual intercourse. And some church leaders are uncomfortable talking about the subject. According to Chief Executive Officer and General Secretary of the Evangelical Association of the Caribbean Dr. Gerald Seale, it’s no secret that youth within churches are having sex. Dr. Seale says church leaders must not fear talking to the young people and by extension their congregation about sex and the dangers of HIV/AIDS. He says over 400 letters were sent to churches across the island inviting them to participate in a study on sex in the Church but only 50 sent representatives. Evidence that sex is still taboo within the church.

Source: CBC

church_28813_2.jpgLast month we posted the very popular article, The Church’s Big Secret which in a nutshell questioned the fading role of the Church in our society and in our opinion the consequential issues which we believe are linked to it. The pluralistic nature of our modern society obviously made this issue a controversial and contentious one, but the thrust of our point remains valid. The willingness of our society to push the church in the background, we are seeing the full effect of it. The ‘cover-up’ of the failure of our leaders to influence the behaviour and lifestyles of our people, especially the young is now being exposed. The data which is now overwhelming us from many sources clearly indicate that HIV/AIDS is growing at a frenetic pace. In other words, it is an epidemic and although infected people are living longer because of the advances in modern medicine, the rate of infection continues unabated.

Why have we restated a known position?

For the simple reason that the General Secretary of the Evangelical Association of the Caribbean has come out of the closet to confirm what we have been saying all along. The Church which historically has been the entity that has held its hand up as the caretaker of the spiritual well being of our society appears to be badly under-performing. In fact we have to deliver a Grade F. It is not a discussion friends, it is an admission by the Church. We have known for sometime that the inclination of our young Christian flock to readily integrate with the prevailing secular lifestyle is now enshrined behaviour. Some of you will no doubt say that fornication and adultery has been happening in the Church since Adam was the proverbial lad, and you would be right! The difference here is that it is an uncivilized idiot and a fool who would engage in a behaviour which is self-destructive and continue with it, UNCHANGED! No we are not talking about the primal behaviour of uncivilized animals. We are talking about HUMANS that most civilized of the Animal Kingdom.

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