Dumping In The Belle, a Zone 1 Area

BU understands government trucks attempted to dump in the Belle recently

As far back as 2008 the government expressed concern about the high level of nitrates in Barbados’ underground water supply. To quote a Nation newspaper report of 1/10/2008, “the level of the compound, which has no colour, odour or taste, is within World Health Organisation (WHO) stipulations, but high enough to cause rising concern. Minister of Health Jerome Walcott made these disclosures Sunday evening when he gave a report on his portfolio to more than 400 people gathered at Foundation School.” 

In light of the foregoing, it is unacceptable that government vehicles would be among those caught DUMPING at the Belle – a Zone 1 site – while Minister Denis Lowe is reported to be attending a UNEP Conference on Chemical Management in Nairobi, Africa. The truck drivers should be complimented however for adhering to instructions NOT to dump in the Belle, BU understands the drivers headed to the authorized landfill.

All should be reminded that nature has a funny way of exacting recompense.  BU takes this opportunity to CONGRATULATE two young Barbadians who participated in a clean up exercise on the weekend. And they say the children shall lead them.