Denis Lowe Struggles to Implement a Waste-to-Energy Solution Late in a Second Term

Submitted by Anthony Davis
Denis Lowe, Minister of the Drainage

Denis Lowe, Minister of the Drainage

The Cahill project may be a thing of the past, but the Freundel Stuart administration has not abandoned the idea of a waste-to-energy plant on the island.In fact, Minister of the Environment Dr. Denis Lowe warned that Barbados ‘cannot fully develop without the inclusion of waste-to-energy technology’, as he piloted a resolution on the Barbados Green Economy Scoping Study in ParliamentBarbados TODAY dated October 25, 2016

Once again someone in this Government is trying to lay the blame for his dilemma on the populace of this country. When they wanted to hike the water rates Minister Kellman came up with the flimsy excuse that the populace used the most water in the island, whereas it’s evident that the hotels especially, use the most water. Other businesses, and Government also use a lot of water.

Pray, tell me Mr. Minister, did you not read the “Burnside Mangrove Pond Green Energy Complex & Beautification Programme and Environmental Impact Assessment Outline Review TCDPO Ref: 1123/07/2013C” which you should have received re the Cahill Waste-to-energy plant?

It states at 4.1:

Waste Generation and Disposal Requirements
Waste generation is closely linked to population, though for Barbados, tourism contributes a disproportionate quantity of waste. A rule-of-thumb is that each tourist generates roughly three times the waste of a local person in the same period of time.

If we take as an example that 50,000 tourists came to Barbados in any given year, how much waste would they have generated as opposed to 50, 000 locals?

I didn’t go to university so I need you to do the math for me.

Why do you single out the businesses – especially the restaurants – to put on the pranger?

What tax do you want to call this one?

The business tax?

I guess the businesses -including the restaurants, already pay heavy taxes, except they are one of those belonging to Sandals which doesn’t pay any taxes and won’t be doing so for years to come.

You can fleece the indigenous businesses and the rest of the populace, but you can waiver the taxes for some foreign entity, and in the meantime renege on your promise to give the other hotels of the BHTA the same sweetheart deal you gave to Sandals with the stroke of a pen.

Which type of waste-to-energy plant are you planning for Barbados, Mr. Minister?

Under 2) Gasification, of the said Burnside report it states:

Several waste gasification processes have been proposed, but few have yet been built and tested, and only a handful have been implemented as plants processing real waste, and mostly in combination with fossil fuels.

Wouldn’t such a plant produce more environmental pollution than we already have?

What made you lash out at some of your Government’s favourite people?

Have they stepped out of line?

Won’t you have to depend on them some time again?

Where are the anti-environmental pollution laws which you promised us for this year, Mr. Minister?

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Birth of Cahill Energy

saynotocahillThe Greenland Landfill project will forever taint the legacy of the Barbados Labour Party and the period the Owen Arthur administration governed Barbados from 1994 to 2008. There is the oft saying “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” The Cahill Energy project, with all its warts, will be known as the project that dispelled the feint notion the Democratic Labour Party is the change agent many hoped for.

Several documents, voice recordings and discussions are a matter of record to support the conclusion that Cahill waste to energy project is a scam to feather the nest of a few in Barbados. Here are a few more documents:


Submitted by Anthony Davis
<h6 align="justify"><font style="font-weight:normal;">L-R): Edison Alleyne (Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Environment), Margot Harvey (Chairman, Sanitation Service Authority), Dr Denis Lowe (Minister of Environment), Clare Cowan (CEO of Cahill Energy), Christopher Sinckler (Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs), Denis Kellman (Minister of Housing, Lands and Rural Development), Senator Darcy Boyce (Minister of Energy in the Office of the Prime Minister)</font> - Caribbean News</h6>

<h6 align=”justify”>L-R): Edison Alleyne (Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Environment), Margot Harvey (Chairman, Sanitation Service Authority), Dr Denis Lowe (Minister of Environment), Clare Cowan (CEO of Cahill Energy), Christopher Sinckler (Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs), Denis Kellman (Minister of Housing, Lands and Rural Development), Senator Darcy Boyce (Minister of Energy in the Office of the Prime Minister) – Caribbean News

A Government programme to relocate residents of White Hill, St. Andrew has stalled due to a lack of funds. The area has been affected by road slippage, made worse by a massive land slide last November which caused the collapse of a large section of the road.

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Our Energy Policy is Adrift

The positive coming out of the Muni Tax outrage which is embroiling the country is the focus on the need to examine the cost of energy and solid waste disposal management. The overarching issue threading the vexing issues is poor governance; no transparency, and an unwillingness to implement Freedom of Information and Integrity legislation. The rights of citizens in a democracy must be respected by those elected to serve. This government offered to be more transparent than any other in our post Independence history, the fact that transparency legislation remains outstanding 6 years after being elected does not mean it cannot practice transparency in its decision making.

Barbadians want to know what guarantees have been agreed between the PEOPLE of Barbados (government) and Cahill Energy. And we want to know before the project passes the point of no return. To ask questions should not be interpreted as being against the project, although this is a possibility when all the fact are known, it is about being transparent, something which a government led by Mr. Integrity himself has encountered some difficulty.

Here is a blog posted earlier which deserves greater circulation. It deals with the Barbados Light & Power variable in the equation which focuses on the elephants in the room – Barbados Light & Power and Fair Trading Commission. Continue reading

Future Centre Trust Letters Go Unanswered

Submitted by Kammie Holder (Future Centre Trust)

Click to read a letter from the Future Centre Trust which was hand delivered to the Ministry Of Environment on two occasions during the last 10 weeks as of August 2013 .

Another Greenland: Environmentalist Says Government’s Waste to Energy Strategy Lacks Transparency

Kammie Holder, Director, Future Centre Trust

Kammie Holder, Director, Future Centre Trust

On 2 June Dr Denis Lowe sought to convince television viewers why Barbados should have a Waste To Energy Plant as one of the key elements of a waste management strategy for Barbados. We should recall Barbados’ participation in the United Nations Conference on Environmental & and Developmental Conference which was held in Rio Brazil June 3rd to 14th 1992. At this conference 27 Rio principles were adopted which now pervade international law and governance.  Of specific significance is and I now share Principle 10 which states:

Environmental issues are best handled with participation of all concerned citizens, at the relevant level. At the national level, each individual shall have appropriate access to information concerning the environment that is held by public authorities, including information on hazardous materials and activities in their communities, and the opportunity to participate in decision-making processes. States shall facilitate and encourage public awareness and participation by making information widely available. Effective access to judicial and administrative proceedings, including redress and remedy, shall be provided.”

In addition to Principle 10, the Manifesto of the Democratic Labour Party 2013 has listed “Good Honest Governance” as one of its pillars for guiding Barbados’ development over the next five years.  The Hon. Freundel Stuart, Q.C, MP stated in the manifesto “ Good Governance is characterized by the principles of participation, consensus, accountability, transparency, responsiveness, effectiveness and efficiency, equity and inclusion, and the rule of law.  It assures that corruption is minimized, the views of minorities are taken into account and that the voices of the most vulnerable in society are heard in decision-making and the allocation of resources.”

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Why Rush To Waste-To-Energy Plant Instead Of Recycling?

Submitted by Kammie Holder

Minister Denis Lowe

I am all for development of alternative sources of energy but not if a dioxin spill is possible. I am attending the premiere of the Climate Change Film Series entitled “Partnership for Resilience” at the Hilton. This film series is sponsored by UKaid, CaribSave, British High Commission Bridgetown, and Australian AID. The Honourable Dr Denis Lowe spoke to a low carbon and green economy. What have me puzzled in another breath the Minister speaks of a Waste to Energy plant where garbage would be burnt to generate energy.

A Government Senator has informed me that this $400 million plant will be using brewery mash and animal offal as feed stock. Thus I need to ask the under mentioned questions.

Why no partnership exist whereby householders can have 1.5kwh Solar Power plants at US5,000 with this $400 million?

Can someone find out from the environmental Minister if a low carbon economy does not mean Carbon Dioxide reduction?

Does not increased Carbon Dioxide lead to increase acidity of seas which is causing bleaching of coral leading to the death?

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A Mad Decision By The DLP Government

From the Facebook Page of Agyeman Kofi

The Barbados Labour Party spent $30 million in Greenland despite the protestation of lone wolf Richard Goddard. In the year 2011 money is still being spent on a project that will not happen.  Dr Denis Lowe and the DLP is about to commit folly in burning $400 million to burn garbage in a Waste to Energy plant in St Thomas. Now would you believe this is the same government that wants to promote Community recycling? Would you believe this is the same government which is getting millions from the IADB for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency?

Why speak about the environmental issues and now decide to set up a plant which will produce fly ash, Dioxin and acid rain? Imagine I had a discussion with a minister who is framing this decision and he had not a clue on what is recycled in Barbados. Let me tell the population of Barbados who care that six months after the Nuclear Incident Japan which was not suppose to happen high radiation levels are still being detected. In January 2011, residents of Checker Hall and surrounding areas where seen sweeping up tons of Ash from the Arawak Cement Plant after their Scrubber had broken down. Do any of you recall hearing anything from the Government or Environmental Protection Department.

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Oh No Minister Kellman

Denis Kellman, Minister of Environment, Water Resources and Drainage

Here is what is being written on Kammie Holder’s Facebook Page about a speech delivered recently by new Minister of the Environment:

Ministers of governments must do research before just reading any speech prepared for them.  The money we will put in a Waste to Energy plant  can be better utilized in Renewable Energy. Where will the toxic dioxin be dumped and if the scrubbers breakdown? Tell the investor wheel and come again. Bhopal is still fresh in our minds and we will not survive a Dioxin spill or can we afford an accident. Why do we listen to investors who come and talk pretty with the only motive being profit. Enact legislation to encourage persons to sort their garbage and provide incentives for companies to recycle, reuse and reduce. When will our leaders learn?

I have tagged ministers of government past and present, doctors and an undertaker as he can expect more persons to die from cancer if we so foolishly accept a waste to energy plant in Barbados. Let St Lucia brag about been the first at least there a down wind of Barbados

Here is a press release released by Greenpeace in 2004 which appears still to be relevant.

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