Beware the Other When They Come Bearing Gifts?

Submitted by Caleb Pilgrim


I would be remiss if I did not address in brief the issue of the Chinese mine manager in Rwanda sentenced to 20 years in prison for whipping local workers, Yahoo News, Michelle De Pacima, April 21, 2022.

Sharing the foregoing, which one might reasonably have thought unimaginable in 2022.

Of course, most if not all “aid” is tied aid.   However, the question remains what would/could have led this Chinese mine manager, Sun Shujun, to conclude that he could so act with impunity.  I am confident that this was not his first rodeo.   Ditto perhaps other Chinese “businessmen” in the mineral and some other sectors in Africa, and their business practices.    It is also worth noting in passing that a Rwandan man, Renzaho Alexis, was sentenced to 12 years  for his alleged role as an accomplice in the beatings.

But, was it not yesterday in Rwanda that during their civil war the Hutus described the Tutsis “as cockroaches” and practised Genocide and extermination on a grand scale?