It is Elementary Dear Watson…stitch in time saves nine

Submitted by Old Onions Bag
Chris Sinckler has promised to revisit the MTFS

Chris Sinckler has promised to revisit the MTFS

How many more pleas must go unanswered? How much longer must we furl deaf ears? It should be a foregone conclusion by now that the present Barbados economy is about to stall, flat line even, if something drastic is not done by the current administration to revive the patient, who being in the ICU for sometime now, will soon be at a point of no return.

Barbados is in need of a stimulus injection to restart commercial activity and encourage consumers to spend. Not a $600 million stimuli towards capital projects and public works that will inevitable once more find its way feeding certain “big guts horse,’ but a package that will see the now sleeping money multiplier re-engaged. What’s the sense in commercial activity staggering while boasting of  lush green pastures of 16 weeks in foreign reserves on the other end?

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Time to Chuck in a New Gear

Submitted by  Napolean Bonaparte
Chris Sinckler,Minister of Finance has unveiled a $600 million stimulus program

Chris Sinckler, Minister of Finance has unveiled a $600 million stimulus

….what you waiting for? – Rouser

It is now almost two months and counting since the results of the 2013 Elections. By now, one would believe, that the euphoria of the occasion would have ceased and an awakening to reality ensued. Instead we were occasioned with the now accustomed, rather nonchalant and evergreen eulogy emanating from Church Village echelons that has obviously signalled the honeymoon is not yet over.

As one punter puts it, how much longer can Barbados remain out of gear? Could we then interpret the blank complaisant as a not knowing of what to do next or the calm before the inevitable storm?

Could the patient further afford the diapason. So far we have heard news of a $600 million instead of a once suggested $90 million stimulus package to help jump start the economy, but  nothing further as to the devil’s details. Could the privatization card be once more in the mix then? Could there be that yet another request for intermediated ‘silence in deals’ as with the recent $120 Million bond repayment?

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