Covid 19 Forces a Rush to Implement Digital Transformation

The COVID 19 period has redefined the new normal in the world. Whether a small, medium or large business, business models have had to be rejig deliver goods and service safely and economically. Government departments comfortable for decades with operating under layers of bureaucracy have been forced to join the rush to deliver services via electronic channels.

To the credit of the Mottley government a high priority was already being given to a digital transformation program before the pandemic struck. The nature of the coronavirus pandemic has given greater urgency to implementing government’s digital transformation program in both private and public sector.

It was timely to travel to the St. George North branch meeting to hear first hand Minister of  Innovation, Science, and Smart Technology Senator Kay McConney deliver a presentation on Sunday on the status of Government’s digital transformation programme. Given the large slice of critical services which government delivers to the public, it is an imperative Minister Kay McConney earns her pick.

 Listen to the Senator by fast forwarding to 1hr 02 min of the video.