Sandy Hook Lurks

Submitted by Charles Knighton
The tragedy at Sandy Hook

The tragedy at Sandy Hook

While it is always convenient to find fault with America’s culture when such atrocities as that which has befallen Newtown, Connecticut occur, how do we explain similar atrocities perpetrated fairly regularly on elementary schoolchildren in China?

If such similar monsters arise in such fundamentally diverse cultures, is culture the culprit? If millions of people patronize “Batman” movies and one of these takes on the persona of the Joker to kill and wound dozens in Aurora, Colorado, is the movie the culprit? If star-crossed lovers commit suicide after reading Romeo and Juliet, is Shakespeare to blame?

We need to understand that such inherently flawed individuals have lived among us across cultures and across time. Those they interact with know of their pathology and should be held accountable for their indifference to it.