Biggest Lies Ever Told By Politician And Christians (2) – The Significance of Occupy Wall Street and Everywhere

Submitted by Pachamama

For more than forty years some of us have been predicting the end of capitalism and its trappings of ‘democracy’ as represented in their latest manifestations within the Anglo-American Empire. The Athenian project, though originally well-intentioned, has degenerated into a pappy show, a trick, a mirage, an hypocrisy. Its twin brother capitalism was always destined to collapse under the enormous pressures of internal contradictions and lies. There is little doubt that in order for us to survive as a species, capitalism must die. What is unknown at this time however, is what should replace capitalism. And this is where Barbados is being ill-served by its ‘so-called brains’ in academia and the scholarship ‘winners’ who have been accepting money from the central government under false pretenses for too many decades.

Political democracy in Barbados is little more than a plutocratic dictatorship where the major parties play musical chairs with the population. The Barbadian political and academic elites seem incapable of fashioning an alternative or even removing the vestiges from the colonial ‘epoch’, as a necessary but insufficient pre-condition for a new paradigm. In the United States of America, Barbados and most other countries in Europe economic democracy is currently almost always limited to the rapacious printing of money that even ignores the rationalization by binary economics. It is the equivalent of printing currency that was one of the central causes for the collapse of the Roman Empire and that has the modern representation of Empire tottering right now. This hegemon has been skilful in erecting the window dressing of democracy all over the world but has NEVER had any real interest in democracy itself, cannot be properly defined as a democracy in political science terms and is working day and night to scuttle any semblance of popular democracy in the MENA (middle-east and North African) countries. At home it is already resorting to subterfuge in relation to the major existential challenge of the ‘Occupy’ movement that is making a persuasive and legitimate case for FUNDAMENTAL economic and political change.

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