Bajans in the Diaspora: Supporting NASA’s Newest Earth Orbiting Satellite

Submitted by James Bynoe

NPP Satellite

As a Barbadian from Silver Sands, Christ Church I would have never dreamed that someday I would have an opportunity to contribute to a NASA space program in the area of cyber security.

Yet  a few hours ago … we successfully launched into space the long awaited NPP satellite.  The NPP satellite represents the latest generation of U.S. polar-orbiting satellites designed to monitor global environmental conditions and collect and disseminate data related to weather, atmosphere, oceans, and land and near-space environment. The NPP satellite will circle the earth approximately once every “100 minutes”.  It reached a forward speed of 13,000 mph in just about 4 minutes time from lift off. This is about the time the booster rockets detached, but long after it is visible to us on the ground.

During these rotations, it will be providing global coverage, monitoring environmental conditions, collecting, disseminating and processing data about the Earth’s weather, atmosphere, oceans, land, and near-space environment, which includes Barbados.

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