Owen Arthur: It’s Unfortunately Time To Take The Gloves Off

Submitted by EnoughIsEnough

Opposition Leader Owen Arthur (foreground) and Deuty Dale Marshall (background)

As a realist it is clear to me that in order to WIN the next general election the internal BLP drama between Owen Arthur and Mia Motley must be resolved.

Each day the drama continues diminishes the party’s ability to effectively focus on regaining government from the hands of the DLP. As a BLP supporter it is time for BLP leadership and Owen Arthur to take the “GLOVES OFF” and give Barbados publicly the “REAL” reasons why MM should not and cannot lead the BLP party or Barbados … being a question of “LEADERSHIP and MORALITY” not “GENDER” as many would have you believe.

This approach against “our own” is unfortunate and will initially surely cause some heightened political pain for the BLP.  OA is the only one in Barbados with the political clout and weaponry to withstand the MM
counter attack which is sure to come.

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The Mia Mottley Factor

Owen Arthur, Leader of the Opposition (l) Mia Mottley / Photo Credit - Nation Newspaper

… They are attacking Gadaffi’s body i.e. his coterie of Generals, advisors; hangers on all the flotsam and jetsam that pilfered from the Libyan people… Tighten the noose slowly until … Closer to home Mia is using that strategy in politics against Arthur, she is not going after Owen but she is going after his “body” … GWP… Attack the body and the head will fall  … – Sargeant


In less than a year Barbados has witnessed a chaotic political scene to describe it mildly. The death of a young prime minister and his wife voted as his replacement in St. John, Prime Minister Stuart’s taciturn demeanour and the perception in some quarters that he is not fully in control and last but not least  the deselection of Mia Mottley by her parliamentary colleagues and the elevation of former Prime Minister Owen Arthur.

Speculation is rife about what what happened at Roebuck Street to spur the revolt which saw Mia Mottley being replaced by Owen Arthur. Again one might assume given George Payne’s surprise support to Owen Arthur that Mia messed up in a big way. This is Barbados and at some point one can expect to be fully informed about what many Barbadians regard as a ‘Brutus’  move by the 2010 Barbados Labour Party parliamentary group – with the exception of MPs Cynthia Forde and Rawle Eastmond – meted out to Mottley.

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