House Wrongfully Obtained from Government

Submitted by Concerned Citizen. If there is relevant information anyone is willing to share about this matter please forward to the blogmaster @confidentialmessage.
General Manager of NHC Cupid Gill

For some time now I have minded my business but I do not think that what is happening is at all fair to persons deserving of houses. So I have decided to speak out.

There are two houses being built in Savannah Road, Shorey Village, St. Andrew, side by side,
and it is believed that they are being constructed through the Government’s initiative for the
houses destroyed or damaged by Hurricane Elsa. At this point, the houses are near completion.

I am writing because these persons deceived the Government in order to obtain these homes.
Prior to the construction of the two houses, Mr. Thomas alias Catman resided in a wooden house, which was fairly old. However, his lifestyle contributed to the dilapidation of the house as he is a very heavy drinker of alcohol, is old and his surroundings were unkempt. He has a number of adult children who are able bodied and could’ve contributed in the upkeep of the premises. However, they do not live with him. He has one daughter, “Angie”, who visited and took food for him on occasions and tidied up the house. He lived with his girlfriend, Mavis and his son, “Fred”. “Fred” is not all there mentally and would sleep at “Catman” occasionally, if he’s not in The City, Bridgetown.

There was an old unoccupied structure, similar to a shed, which was located to the front of the
house. NO ONE OCCUPIED THIS SHED. “Catman” stored bottles to sell and other old items
inside of it and it was literally nearly falling apart.

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