The Wigs of Inferiority

Submitted by Ras Jahaziel

Who will heal today’s X-Slave from the long-lasting sore of SELF-CONTEMPT that prevents him from escaping slavery’s shameful legacy of inferiority? Think about this: Slave Breakers were very skilled in the art of terrorism. They were actually the first terrorists that many Africans encountered, and they frequently used the tools of RAPE and SODOMY to completely break the spirit of the African.

Ultimately the intent of the Slave-Breaker was to strip the African of his SELF ESTEEM so that he would consent to be a life-long slave.

Also think about this: Consistent use of these tools of terrorism was designed to perpetuate lack of self esteem from generation to generation. That is why today the victims of this historical rape are quite satisfied with carrying the stamp of humiliation that is embodied in their slave names (or more accurately their Rape Names.) This long lasting PSYCHOLOGICAL DAMAGE is also the reason why, in all parts of the globe, Black mothers are ashamed to let their heads be seen in public WITHOUT THE WIGS OF INFERIORITY.