Is This How Our Tax Dollars Are Spent?

Submitted by islandgal

Government buildings in Holetown in bad state of repair

I was recently in Holetown the “Tourist Capital” to pay my land taxes. As I arrived I looked around and couldn’t help noticing how run down and shabby the place was looking. Now Holetown is the place our founding fathers landed. The buildings that house the Land Tax department, the Police Station and the Magistrates Courts are a disgrace to Barbados. The car park had litter strewn around, the overgrown landscape needed attention and the buildings badly needed a paint job.  Something caught my eye on a wall, as I looked closer there there were electrical boxes and outlets open to the elements with one dangling from wires. Doesn’t this property have a custodian? Why is this building is such a state? It occupies prime real estate and this is how it is maintained?

If government  cannot maintain their properties why don’t they let the private sector step in? Think about  how many jobs or businesses  that will be created? Who is in charge of maintenance of government buildings and grounds? I noticed a pile of sand outside a closed door. I thought that some concrete work was being done only to look closer and see that they were once sand bags, put there to prevent water from flooding the building.  The bags had deteriorated over time and now all that is left is a pile of sand.  It is clear that government cannot maintain and protect our infrastructure. If our infrastructure cannot be properly maintained how can they maintain Barbados’ investments? Why can’t they get it right?

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