Lagan Construction Vs. Barbados Tourism Investment Inc And Attorney General Of Barbados Court Documents Revealed

Dr. Jerry Thorne resigned as Chairman of the BTII over the Barbados Pierhead Project

In the opinion of many the Pierhead Marina Project has NOT generated enough debate in Barbados. BU posted several blogs on the subject and the Leader of the Opposition Owen Arthur had promised to call the Public Accounts Committee to order to address concerns about said project. Regrettably Arthur has not followed through for reasons yet untold.

However, based on court documents filed in December 2012, in the matter – Lagan Vs. Barbados Tourism Authority – Arthur’s apparent delay maybe a strategy with an eye on the general election which must be called no later than April 2013. It is general knowledge that Lagan Construction, the company originally selected to build the Pierhead Marina in a BOLT arrangement,  was summarily replaced by SMI, a company registered in Barbados but incorporated in St. Lucia with its principal Gline Harrison. SMI was one of three companies which were contracted by VECO to build Dodds prison.The reply to the defence document (see below) makes for interesting reading by its justification of why the government awarded SMI the contract. – also see related BU blogs below.

BU takes this opportunity to thank the person responsible for enlightening the Barbadian public.

The Statement of Claim spells out the following:

  1. Damages for breach of contract ion the amount of USD28,105,807.00.
  2. Special damages in the amount USD346,444.
  3. Interest pursuant to Section 35 (1) of the Supreme Court of Judicature Act
  4. Costs;and
  5. Further or other relief as the court deem just
See p:3/28

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How Much Will The Barbados Pierhead Marina Project Cost Taxpayers?

Dr. Jerry Thorne resigned as Chairman of the BTII Over the Barbados Pierhead Project

Dr. Jerry Thorne resigned as Chairman of the BTII

Given the deep pockets involved in this matter BU is threading lightly on this matter. Below is a document which provides analysis carried out – as we understand it – by a certified chartered accountant who was a member of the technical evaluation committee of the Barbados Tourism Investment Inc. Contrary to public statements, the project will end up costing US$15.1 million a year for 25 years and which equals 25 x US$15.1= US$ 377.5 M x 2.0 for Barbadian currency = BDS$755 million.

Read Pierhead Marina Document

Bridgetown Pierhead Marina Project – Government of Barbados Faces Possible Law Suit Over The Award Of Contract To Signature Management Inc

Michael Lagan, Chairman

The Nation Newspaper today carried the story of a threatened law suit of $60 million dollars by Lagan Construction, a British company, against the government of Barbados. Lagan Construction is reacting to government award of the contract for building the Barbados Marina Project to Signature Management Inc for a bid which trumped Lagan’s by 23 million dollars.

The following was posted by a commenter to BU on another blog which purports to encapsulate the facts of the issue. BU believes it is an important matter to merit separate scrutiny by the BU family.

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