BAN The BEAST…Pit Bull Potential Killer!

Submitted by Old Onions Bag

The feared pit bull

The Sunday Sun report of a gruesome tale of three pit bulls that got loose and raved havoc on residents of Kingsland Gardens, justifies the call for a ban on the pit bull dog (and all fighting dogs: Akita) once and for all from these shores. We have had at least two dozen reported attacks on citizens over the years with such attacks becoming more fierce and brazen. What are we waiting for anyway? A death or amputation of one of our children’s limbs or death of an elderly person?

These animals are becoming more and more a menace to our society and should be culled. Why would one want to be in possession of one of these chained lethal weapons anyway? In the USA…a security protection effigy of the drug culture….in BIM (we so often follow)… may also be a sign of power…’One’ to be feared….Keep Out ! A policemen would think more than twice of jumping a fence on seeing Rufus the pit bull panting on a chrome plated tether.

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