Barbados Left Behind; Where Is The Leadership?

Prime Minister Fruendel Stuart

Many accuse BU of being too negative because there is a heavy focus on what is wrong as we see it. We do reflect sometimes to ask  if such is the case. So far the consensus in the BU household is that we represent an alternative view not often found in traditional media. We will soldier on!

Three events in the news in recent days have reinforced our view that Barbados is like a rudderless ship which lacks clear leadership. This has been the case for the last twenty years which coincidentally straddles DLP and BLP governments.

The first event in the news  was that several government websites were hacked. The Internet is used to facilitate the sharing of information and financial transactions. The lack of a serious reaction to the hacking speaks volumes. The government of Barbados in 2011 is obviously not a serious user of the Internet to facilitate financial transactions. Barbados we are told aspires to be first world which does not accord with the lazy way we have embraced the Internet to facilitate business development. How can we expect to fan entrepreneurial development if the Internet is not used by government to facilitate financial transactions? LIME and Digicel are about to roll out 4G and 3G respectively and for what? No doubt LIME and Digicel will continue to rake in the revenues from recreational activities by a population intoxicated by Facebook, Twitter, streaming videos and texting to the VOB show, ‘the things we do for love’.

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