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Here We Go Again ~Another Case Of Barbadian Concerns Over The Guyanese Problem Being Ignored By The Directorate?

STAMP BACK Published on: 7/4/07. by HEATHERLYNN EVANSON A VISITOR EXTENSION STAMP is keeping the Immigration Department on its toes. And a woman is now in the custody of immigration officials who are seeking an explanation of how she got three fraudulent extensions – one of which “expires” on July 5 – stamped into her Guyanese passport. “This is a

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USA Sponsored Trafficking In Persons Report Cites Barbados As a "Special Case"

Barbados is listed as a special case country in the just-released report from the US State Department on Trafficking in Persons. “Special case” status means that countries exhibited indications of trafficking in persons, but much of the evidence is anecdotal or unsubstantiated by government reports. The report acknowledges the efforts by the Barbados government to take action against this scourge.

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Barbadians Are Afraid Of The Large Influx Of Guyanese Into Barbados And The Changing Face Of Crime

Marshall: How many Guyanese are there in Barbados? Faria: That is a question to pose to the local authorities. Marshall: You are the resident Guyana Consulate and you can’t provide this information to the public? Faria: Yes I have an idea but it is not me to provide this information. Marshall: Oh come on! The public wants to know! Faria:

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