An Opportunity for GREED

Submitted by Steven Kaszab

The softwood industry is continuing to cut back production, while the prices of those products it produces domestically continue to rise to levels not seen in many years. The Pandemic has stopped production of soft wood products, then started up again only to shrink a once massive industry. Multiple producers are limiting production while the demand for soft wood products continue to grow throughout the world.

Claims that market uncertainty is the driver of this curtailing of production in Canada and the USA. In British Columbia this decline in production amounts to over $100 million. Further reasons this decline is happening maybe the high cost of fiber (raw tree’s). What once cost $125.00 has doubled and tripled in cost. The forests these raw materials are found in have become grounds of displaced uncertainty. Weather patterns and events have become more pronounced due to the effects of climate change. Labor hour losses in the harvesting of said product, have increased to unrealistic levels making some harvesting unprofitable. So the industry claims.

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