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Tell Me Barbados… Who Are We Going to Vote For B or D?

Submitted By Freedom Crier From my simple observation, how does the BLP and the DLP differ in their Ideology?I am very concerned that unless we practice Free Market Principles with fewer Burdensome Rules, Regulations and Controls, the Reaper lies at the Gate! “Governments make no money they only Spend money, that is why Socialist Governments love Businesses, that way they

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When Evil Fights Evil

The best thing that has happened for the masses in hundreds of years are the fights currently raging amongst global elites. These fights are most evident in the political theatres. However, underlying those manifestations are economic quarrels, food fights – the 0.01 percenters want it all! Whether in Barbados or the United States the political elites are, as a class,

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Is Self Reliance Undermined By Social Policy?

Subject Charles Knighton Schizophrenic seems the most apt description of so-called socially progressive governments including, of course, Barbados. Not a week passes without some government minister calling for more citizen self-reliance while other ministries continue to foster a dependency on government by broadening and deepening the metaphorical social safety net. Human nature being what it is, originally well intended social

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Government Be Nimble, Government Be Quick

In the immediate post-Independence period Barbados was blessed with political leadership which laid the foundation for the social and economic success we are still reaping today.  The Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow and the late J.M.G. ‘Tom’ Adams are the two who stand head and shoulders above the others  we should credit. Some may argue that the local and global

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What Is A Good Government?

Submitted by Terence Blackett – An analytical excerpt of E. E Abrams’ Government & Rebellion No citizen looks for an absolutely perfect form of nationality – of law. But we have a right to ask for good government. We have been accustomed to think that it depends more on administration than on principle; and the line of the poet, “that

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The Westminster Model And The Economy

Submitted by Looking Glass We seem preoccupied with peripheral issues—everything from transparency to Senatorial non-attendance— and criticism of government while seemingly oblivious to the major problem, the economy. Along the way we blame everyone and everything except ourselves, echoing the utterances of some significant others in the name of wisdom. Could it be that we have but a spurious understanding

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