Updated: James Paul MP Fired From The BAS – James Paul Presides Over Irregular Meeting Of The Fruit And Vegetable Growers Association (FAVGA) Annual General Meeting

Submitted by Black Man

James Paul MP, former CEO of the Barbados Agricultural Society

The elections were highly irregular and totally improper. Below are a list of anomalies:

The presiding officer, Mr. James Paul- CEO of BAS, allowed all person(s)  present to vote once they had paid the $50 registration fee before the election. This was despite vehement protests from bona fide members. This is in breach of Article 5, section (iv) of the FAVGA constitution that says “Application for membership shall be made to the Headquarter’s Office on the form prescribed by the Association. All applications must be approved by the Committee of management before the applicant may be admitted to membership.”

The persons who turned up for the first time and registered to be a member of the FAVGA and voted, were never approved by the FAVGA management committee as required by the Constitution.

There were instances where more than one member of a farming enterprise was allowed to vote, even though only one member had been approved as a registered member by the committee of management.

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