Tales From The COURTS VIII – Justice Elneth Kentish v Businessman Joseph Jordan

Joseph Jordan and Justice Elneth Kentish (inset) – Photo credit: Nation Newspaper

On Wednesday November 7, the Nation published a report headlined “COURT TWIST”. It recounted how Miss Elneth Kentish, one of our battery of so-called “High Court Judges” had recused herself from a case before her, on the basis that she herself would be suing one of the parties in the case for defamation, presumably arising out of the case. The details of the case, Coach House Limited v Joseph Jordan III, are not relevant here.

However, what is relevant is that, according to the Nation report (and the Appeal that has, it is alleged, since been filed) Miss Kentish, after having recused herself, went on to issue an order in the case. So, the allegations of the Nation and the Appeal being correct, she removes herself from the case and then issues an order in the case. Does this make sense to anyone – and we mean both and legal common sense.

And just what would have been so wrong in Miss Kentish (or our incompetent Registrar) writing to counsel on both sides in advance of their appearance before her, stating that she was recusing herself and maybe even copying them her letter to the CJ, so that they did not turn up in court and charge their clients for so doing for four hours AT LEAST of their time?

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Tales From The Courts Part VII – Madam Justice Issues Order to a Dead Person

Far right – Madam Justice Elneth Kentish

Arising from BU’s Tales From The Courts Part VI – – Chief Justice Marston Gibson Scores An F In Year One a few BU commenters expressed surprise, and horror at our report which challenged an order handed down by Miss Elneth Kentish who to the chagrin of many occupies a seat on the Bench. A part of the BU report which is the cause of much derision amongst the legal fraternity states:

“Miss Elneth Kentish has produced an order in which there are no parties and one of the purported parties has died and has not had an administrator appointed for them.”

The Order under scrutiny is a public document and can be had on request from the Registry. This matter has mushroomed in a credibility issue for BU. To quell concerns as to the veracity of the BU report we publish the Order with thanks to our friends in the legal community.

Kentish Order, pages 1,2,3,4