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Adrian Loveridge Column – Contribution of the Cruise Industry During and Post Covid 19

Will it be about the quantity or the quality, both in terms of numbers and beneficial contribution when cruise ships finally return to Barbados? Traditionally of course, we usually only see one or maybe two cruise ships arrive weekly during the long summer months, but come November under post pandemic conditions the Bridgetown Port is thriving with a multitude of

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Call for Caribbean Governments to Tax Cruise Sector MORE AND Tax Air Passengers LESS

Can tourism dependent Caribbean governments learn something from oil producing countries? When relatively small and poor oil producing governments sought to get a fair price for oil – their main source of national revenue – they banded together to negotiate more effectively with the multi-national oil companies and the larger developed nations, which were the major consumers of their oil.

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Cruise Ships Allowed to Spew Toxins in the Caribbean Space

Submitted by Anthony Davis Venice is visited by 10 cruise ships per day. There is no law which stipulates the use of ultra-low-sulphur diesel in the Mediterranean…More and more Germans love cruising the high seas. However, when it comes to environmental protection many passengers and shipping agencies still turn a blind eye. Great expectations are now expected of the ‘Aida

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