Arch Cot Coroner's Inquest Revelations, ASTOUNDING!

Submitted by MR Thompson

Coroner Faith Marshall-Harris (right) in discussion with Chief Town Planner Mark Cummins during the visit to Arch Cot - Photo Credit Nation

Finally were hearing some “facts” about what transpired at Arch Cot during the preparations for construction on the site. The testimony is startling as to what people knew and what those people did not do. There are several questions that need to be answered, however with everything Barbadian I’m confident that all questions will be one way or the other swept under the rug and remain un-answered.

Why did this situation happen, here are a few of my conclusions…

  • Lack of regulations and codes relating to construction, NO BUILDING CODE,
  • No government site inspection and pre approvals of construction designs,
  • Barbados is a known country of caves and underground voids, however no regulations requiring geotechnical evaluations of site prior to approvals for construction,
  • Professional Engineering Qualifications are of a questionable level,
  • Corruption,
  • Incompetence,
  • ETC., ETC., ETC. and the list goes on.

My solution is….

  • First there are a number of Senior Civil Servants from numerous departments that need to be FIRED,
  • Secondly, anyone on the Political front that in any way assisted the site development be JAILED,
  • Thirdly, Some Professional Engineers involved need to have their qualifications REMOVED,
  • Fourthly, Barbados needs to implement a set of BUILDING CODES and rigorously enforce them,
  • Fifth, the toughest one, Bajan mentality, education etc. must be more COMMON SENSE focused.

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