Shantel Davis Killing Condemned By CGID, Calls On NYPD To Release Surveillance Video

Submitted by Rickford Burke, CGID President

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK: The Brooklyn-based rights group Caribbean Guyana Institute for Democracy (CGID) has condemned the Police shooting death of 23 year old Brooklyn resident Shantel Davis yesterday. The institute is calling on NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly to release surveillance video which captured the shooting on East 48th Street and Church Avenue in East Flatbush, Brooklyn.

CGID President Rickford Burke in a statement Friday said the Police version of the circumstances of Davis’ killing appear to be controvertible and at variance with eyewitness accounts. He called on Brooklyn District Attorney Joe Hynes to expedite a criminal investigation.

Police spokesman, Deputy Commissioner Paul Brown claimed two plainclothes officers in an unmarked vehicle observed Davis driving a grey Toyota Camry erratically westbound on Church Avenue, running a series of red lights. The Camry eventually stopped after it collided with a minivan. The car was reportedly stolen by an unknown male on June 5.

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Decision By Guyana’s Chief Justice To Block Guyana’s DPP From Charging Police Commissioner Green With Rape Condemned By CGID

Submitted by CGID President Rickford Burke

Guyana's Chief Justice Ian Chang

I strongly condemn the decision of Guyana’s chief justice Ian Chang which enjoined Guyana’s DPP from charging police commissioner Henry Green with rape. The chief justice ruled that there was an insufficiency of evidence for the DPP to base her decision to prefer rape charges against Green.

From his ruling, one can reasonably presume that justice Chang  believes the constitution also invests him with the powers of the DPP or that he thought he was actually trying the case. Neither is true!

I have never seen such misguided, irresponsible judicial over reach anywhere in the Commonwealth Jurisprudence. This decision is gravely repugnant to the constitution and has far reaching, deleterious effects on the criminal justice system, as it effectively alters the constitution.

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An Open Letter To My Fellow GUYANESE

I support the APNU because it is the only party that will set Guyana on a path to development and modernity – I therefore urge all voters; particularly my family and friends, and all the youth of Guyana, to vote for the APNU on election-day – November 28, 2011

CGID President Rickford Burke

I emphatically endorse the “A Partnership for National Unity” (APNU) and the candidature of Mr. David Granger for President and Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine for Prime Minister.  I urge all voters; particularly my family and friends, and all the youth of Guyana, to vote for the APNU on election-day – November 28.

The PPP has turned Guyana into a crime-ridden, narco-state that is floundering in 20th century perils of economic and social stagnation, underdevelopment, infrastructural collapse, ethnic and political polarization and corruption at the highest levels of government. Clearly, they have set us back 20 years.

I have endorsed the APNU because now is the time for change. Change the PPP to move Guyana forward, as one people with one destiny. Change the PPP to realize a bold, new vision for national harmony, security, and economic and social development. Change the PPP to reset our nation on a path to modernity. Only the APNU can meet this challenge to provide “A Better Life for All Guyanese.”

Representing the widest possible cross-section of citizens, APNU comprises ten political parties and civil society organizations. It’s multi-ethnic, multi-cultural leadership and support-base are a genuine reflection of the full mosaic of Guyanese society. Thus, it is uniquely suited to be entrusted with the future of Guyana.

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