Shanice and Mickell’s Antarctic Dream

Mickell Als,Shanice Holder

Mickell Als,Shanice Holder

Barbados Underground encourages members of the public to visit Shanice and Mickell’s blog and give generously to help them achieve their dream.

Shanice is a 17 year old girl who attends Harrison College and is currently in lower sixth studying chemistry , physics and biology. Shanice aspires to be a neurosurgeon who is just as famous as Dr. Benjamin Solomon “Ben” Carson. She is the President of her school’s environmental club.

Mickell is also 17 and attends Harrison College and is also currently in lower six studying physics, environmental science and geography. Mickell aspires to be a climatologist focusing on the impacts of climate change on cyclones globally. Shanice and Mickell are both members of the Caribbean Youth Environment Network(CYEN) the Barbados chapter, The Youth Think Tank (YTTE) that is currently being hosted by the CYEN.

The Mission Which They Have Been Chosen For:

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