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The R Word

The blogmaster read an article recently published by Harvard Business Review (HBR) – see link below and thought it a constructive exercise to share a few observations with the BU family. The main idea of the paper is to need to prioritize the importance of companies of engineering businesses to be resilient. The challenge for many is that the majority

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Bajan Black Lives Then and Now

Submitted by Roslyn Stanherd The fervent tone of most of the panellists supporting the removal of Lord Nelson’s statute on the Sunday July 12, 2020 programme, ‘The Peoples Business’ muted that of the sole panellist against its removal.  There was a lot of emotion, stated positions but no balance view on why the statute should be removed.  Research was necessary

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The Grenville Phillips Column – The End Game, Part 2 – Choking on Worms

Industries in developed countries normally mature until they are internationally competitive.  When they are ready to expand beyond their national borders, they ask their Governments to negotiate trade agreements to legally exploit the less developed markets of other nations. Barbados was consistently given the same strategic economic advice from the Inter-American Development Bank and others since at least 1989 (30

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