Get Your Facts Straight Barbados Today – The Foreign Exchange Argument

An article published in the Barbados Today  (21 July 2011) was startling more by its revelation than content. The article titled First Choice boldly asserts in its intro,  “Thanks but no thanks. That appears to be what an increasing number of businesses and individuals buying about $600 million in foreign exchange each month are telling the island’s seven commercial banks, preferring to buy their foreign cash from the Central Bank of Barbados”. It is obvious the author (SC) got it wrong.

To the credit of Barbados Today reference was made to a Central Bank Report – Central Bank Intervention in the Barbadian Foreign Exchange Market (page 46 ) which is cited as the source of the author’s revelation. BU has scoured the Central Bank report several times and is unable to find a supporting basis for Barbados Today’s conclusion. The regulatory framework which has the Central Bank as the regulator and commercial banks the financial intermediaries exist. For the author to suggest that an increasing number of business and individuals are turning to the Central Bank to buy foreign exchange is inaccurate and irresponsible journalism at its highest. What it confirms is the dearth of journalistic talent generally but specifically in the realm of financial reporting.

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