Taped cell phone tip of the iceberg

The BBA and DC maybe have received a dose of its own medicine.

In today’s press former member of parliament and prominent criminal attorney Michael Lashley has expressed “ fears that lawyer-client privacy at police stations is under threat, based on the Barbados Police Service’s findings in the “cell phone under the table” incident”. His reaction was to the incident where a cell phone was found taped under a desk at District E in a room used by attorneys and clients.

The blogmaster has no problem with the Barbados Bar Association (BBA), Faith Greaves, a junior lawyer at Michael Lashley & Associates, expressing outrage at the incident. Obviously an attempt was made by someone to subvert the process. Unfortunately, Barbadians have tolerated repeated attempts by officialdom to rub the brown stuff in our faces. What the incident exposes is a level of corruption perpetrated by actors responsible for honouring the justice system.

Given the nature of your complaint, a forensic analysis was conducted to this cellular phone by the Regional Security System. The forensic analysis of the cellular phone was carried out to determine whether it was fit for use or carried any recorded information thereon.

“That forensic examination revealed that the phone was unserviceable and that there was no recording on the phone. That the phone had no bearing on the matter involving the attorney-client privileged communication. The forensic examination also showed there was no link between the investigations involving your client and the cellular phone.

Nation newspaper
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A System Of Policing Which Breeds Brutality, The Time Has Come For Reform

Jonathan Birchmore Richard Barrow (l), Melanie Shantelle Lakeisha Denny (r)

… King promoted a non violent philosophy and was killed. Malcolm promoted a philosophy of being non violent with those who are non violent with you. But don’t try to be non violent when people are killing, maiming your men women and children. The assassin’s gun found him also. Laws have changed but the people enforcing the laws are still acting the same. Amodou Dialo is still dead and the police that shot him 19 times are not held accountable. Brandon Johnson here in Indianapolis is beat unmercifully by three police officers that kick him in face until his eye is swollen shut, with his cheek bone broke and his teeth kicked out of his mouth. The prosecutor said he committed no crime still the police exonerated. Even if we wanted to forget, with the police still acting like this how can we forget. And the society keeps exonerating them which sends the signal its alright. Martin himself had the Deacons of Defense!! Have you forgotten? Man it is time for men to be men who have the nerve and courage to protect our women and children from this brutal behavior. Here in Indianapolis we have formed a militia to protect Brandon and his family. Bishop T. Garrott Benjamin, Pastor of one of the largest church’s here has just put up several hundred dollars to purchase a security system for the family. Hell, we aint going to be relying on police to protect our women and children. We are going to do it ourselves. Noooo!! We haven’t forgot. We REMEMBER!!Mmoja Ajabu

The story this week that two of our finest were charged for allegedly assaulting a Jamaican woman while in custody should be of concerned to Barbadians. It could not have come at a worse time for Barbados given the Myrie Affair which continues to get strong ‘airplay’ in the region. For too long we have heard stories about the behaviour of some members of our police force which betrays its credo to serve and protect.

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