Mistaken Identity

Specimen of New ID

Last week the blogmaster received an email from a lawyer which had the Barbados Identity Management Act attached. The comment by the lawyer sharing the Act, not Bill, was that the legislation raises concerns that should trouble Barbadians. The fact that it sailed through parliament without the public being aware should expose the shortcomings of our governance model as well as the media and other actors in civil society (including the blogmaster). Regrettably the average Barbadian these days is concerned with other matters and lawmakers take advantage. The few independents in the Upper House can do so much. A pity we never observe the same appetite from lawmakers when integrity laws are being debated.

In a related matter, the issue of the day is the decision by the government to replace the national ID card (NID) with a digital version. All agree the old NID needs to be replaced, the Stuart government tried and unsurprisingly failed to execute after frittering hundreds of thousands of tax dollars. 

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