Barbados Meekly responds To Sarkozy

Submitted by The People’s Democratic Congress (PDC)

Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France identified Barbados as a tax haven

A resounding “NO WAY” to citizens voting for economists running as candidates in any of the next constituency elections in this country – is the central theme of a commentary that the PDC has done, and that it was on the verge of submitting to BU for publication as this week’s PDC article.

But, that particular commentary (has) had to be stood down until the next PDC installment, primarily because this present submission which the reader is reading now, as this weeks PDC article – seeks to somewhat describe and explain – a far more timely and exacting fundamental matter – why Barbados will continue on a path of becoming a second rate Third World developing country within the next 10-15 years, taking more and more orders from people like the OECD, if the BLP and DLP are NOT within the next 6 years electorally removed from the Parliament of this country for ever.

Already, BLP and DLP governments have failed to lead the way in repositioning Barbados in a manner and state that sees the country benefiting, materially, financially, politically, etc. from the extant shifting of the balance of power in international relations from the West to the East (a situation that the West can do little about on its own).

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