Barbados Estimates 2012-2013 Revenue: You Tell Me BU, Are We As A Nation In TROUBLE


The current DLP keeps telling Bajans that things are “OK and NOT that bad in Barbados”,  however below is the overall summary of the DLP produced 2012-2013 Barbados Estimates.  The DLP has given Bajans (5) straight years of a major account deficits due to poor fiscal alignment, budgeting coupled with ZERO fiscal vision for Barbados.

  • Estimated Current Barbados Revenue – $2,656,139,783
  • Estimated Total Barbados Expenditure – $3,645,859,147
  • Estimated Excess of Total Expenditure over Current Revenue $989,719,364
  • Capital Expenditure at January 31, 2012 increased by 6.2% over capital expenditure for the same period in fiscal year 2010-2011
(excerpt from DLP produced 2012-2013 Barbados Estimates)

Now you tell me BU does the 2012-2013 Barbados Estimates summary above give you the “warm fuzzy” that things are OK in Barbados, keeping the PM in mind and the possibility of giving the DLP another term?

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The Estimates Debate 2012-2013


Chris Sinckler, Minister of Finance (l) Mia Mottley (r) will square-off in the Estimates Debate on Monday in a surprise move announced by Owen Arthur on the weekend

The Estimates for 2012/2013 financial year is scheduled to be debated in the House of Assembly on 12 March 2012. The debate will generate interest in Barbados for several reasons. Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler will have to be mindful that Barbados is currently battling significant economic challenges, at the same time a general election looms. To add intrigue to the political landscape, on the weekend Opposition Leader Owen Arthur – to the surprise of many – informed a political meeting held at Haggatt Hall that Mia Mottley will reply to Minister of Finance in the Estimates Debate.

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