Lets Get The Facts

Submitted by DLP Supporter

Kaymar Jordan, Editor in Chief, Nation newspaper

The role of the media in sensitising persons to the issues germane to the well being of society cannot be questioned. The current world trend is for receivers of news to have access to multi sources. We have seen the development of the social media [ i reporter, Facebook , Twitter , Hi 5] take its place as a source of news. Today, persons on locations thousands of miles away can report on the truth as it unfolds. We saw how powerful the anti Obama news channels were in delivering on the anti Obama campaign but he survived because people also had an alternative in the many sources that were part of his campaign strategy.

In recent times, we have seen the local media rush to publish stories without getting the facts. While, we have so many advances in technology and access to information, how is it possible for the constant circulation and publication of misinformation in our small country? We are aware of the many BBC stories that raised concerns about the stewardship of the last administration which never saw the light of the day.

We have witnessed the full centre spread page on the coverage of the status of Transport Broad and how damming the quality of service was according to the big poll conducted by the Nation news paper. The Truth is the Nation newspaper has not been fair and balanced in their coverage of news regarding the state and its functionaries. Let’s examine two issues that received the centre spread in colour to illustrate the concern.

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