Are We Bajans Really Lackadaisical?

Submitted by Napolean Bonaparte
Absenteeism on the rise in Barbados

Absenteeism on the rise in Barbados

Have you all heard? Latest findings coming out from a recent HR symposium proposes that Barbados has the highest rate of employee absenteeism in the Caribbean. Who Bajans? Is that right? Surpassing the land of the humming bird fete today call in sick tomorrow? All ya really sure you got that one right? So were we dreaming then, when we recently saw an award being accepted on behalf of  Bajans, for being number 38 in the World on the social development ladder, number 3 in the Americas? Wait lazy people wearing two different shoes nowadays then, (brand name) ‘industrious’ on one foot,  ‘shirkers’ on the other? Such a skewbald would surely tumble someday, being  confused and not know which foot goes first.

Could all this have anything to do with Bajans been  under a ‘trance by chance‘, like the one of the recent bus riding pensioner and her rude awakening from what could befall? Too much phantasmagoria maybe? One day we hearing we doing well, next we need  to “shift and adjust” like a lesson of a confusing schematic  inculcating too much  to pedants, who still recovering from an unaccustomed downward economic fall. “You all had better do this, don’t mind us, ”. If the shoes fits… Like a call to curtail perks and privilege of  statutory corps, but an unwillingness to lead by example. Sounds familiar?

Too much double standards man, some given license to sleep, while others sheeple. Any wonder some still stuck in gear?  Sheeple will always follow.

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