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  1. I think that despite the likely positive effects that the harsh economic situation might have for Lynnete Eastmond, she is likely to have a hard time to defeat Estwick. She appears to be an unbending aristocratic individual who will find it hard to get down in the trenches to fight the necessary fight against Estwick, who has possibly better academic credentials than her and has given the impression that he is actually doing something in the Agriculture Ministry although that input might be hard to measure.

    I think Estwick wins this one unless the influence of the CLICO fallout, a tanking economy as well as the other areas bedeviling the DLP assume even greater national and constituency importance as the Elections get closer.

    • @checkit-out

      Estwick is likely to be portrayed as a loose cannon with the examples of the gun incident and going dark after he was transferred to agriculture by Thompson.

  2. David; True re. Estwick. But I still think he should have the edge. His persona is more people friendly than hers, imho.

  3. @ Checkit-Out
    “Estwick, who has possibly better academic credentials than her..”
    Says who? Who appears to have more to offer?

  4. Estwick will win. Google Eastmond during the bye- election and you’ll get a clear idea of why. If she defeats Estwick then the whole party is as good as gone. Don’t forget how SPW was cut when it was created.

    Advantage – DLP

  5. Lynette Eastmond is a Barbados Exhibition winner so to question her academic ability is folly. But even so that is not relevant at this constituency level.What qualifications did Reynold Weekes have? The issue here is whether Eastmond can command the traditional BLP strongholds in the Christ Church section and let the swing take care of the rest. This is her best chance. I think she has matured as a politician and in her recent appearances on radio seemed quite cool and more down -to- earth .

  6. Dr. David Estwick is real and genuine and a man of principle.The people of St. Philip West will rally around the good doctor.
    Remember the leader of the BLP kept trying for 14 years to get Estwick to be “included”.He is miles above Eastmond as a representative.
    Estwick will win against the snobbish Eastmond.

  7. Pittbull ass is grass…..the lil woman Lynette Eastmond get the pick….she en EZ…..Gun totting Bull gine have a horrid time wid the smooth tongue lady from D East.Lynette baby…Onions pulling for ya babes…..we ent want nah obeah help neither like… l…D odder wun frm de plaine.

    • Congrats to Lynette, BU had no doubt she would have been selected.

      We believe she is not cut out for politics, she is more a technocrat but we wish her well.

      She appears to be one of the few genuine individuals who just want to serve.

  8. @! | May 8, 2012 at 11:02 PM |
    You might just be right that the goodly Doctor could be easily returned to Parliament. He would make an excellent Opposition spokesperson on all things dealing with Economics & Finance. A fertile opportunity unfairly denied him by a turncoat called Freundel.

  9. @David
    In order to serve she must win first.
    A very unlikely scenario.

    Advantage – DLP

  10. @ David

    Estwick gonna give Eastmond more ‘licks’ that OSA gave her over the years. She ain’t stand a chance and she will be dragged through the mud, hope she ain’t got many skeletons in the closet besides the one everyone knows about.

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