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  1. Please be advised that Prime Minister Freundel Stuart will address the St. Lucy branch of the Democratic Labour Party on Sunday May 6th 2012.

    The meeting will begin at 5pm at MP Dennis Kellman’s Constituency Office in Pie Corner, St. Lucy.
    Please make a special effort to attend.

  2. Safer than g4s. This one stays in the D column. Ironic that the PM’s address is being publicised when virtually NONE of his other addresses elsewhere (including his own constituency) have been. It’s time the DLP put on the gloves and mix it up in the ring rather than choosing “safe” places to speak.

    The people want a party that will fight for their country.

  3. Don’t be so sure about the St Lucy seat. Voters stuck with Kellman through the BLP years because he was always quick to cry that he couldn’t get anything done for the parish because he was stuck on the opposition benches.

    He has been the sitting representative for the past four years and the St Lucy folk still can’t see much of anything done for them…a few roads resurfaced is about all. There are roads in the potholes all through Jemmotts, Rock Hall, Mount View, Josey Hill, Lamberts, Alexandria, Mount Gay, a high population density area…for St Lucy…that the representative promised to fix and hasn’t come through and the residents are not pleased.

    Many confirmed D’s are seriously disillusioned by his lack of performance and the financial hardships they see as DLP inflicted and will be staying away from the polls… at a minimum.

    If the BLP stays focused there and highlight the Kellman and DLP failings in the constituency, the 1411 votes he won by in 2008 may not be there this time around.

  4. Probably the second safest seat after st john. easy win for kellman unless bees put some effort into wining here.

  5. @Inkwell
    Wishful thinking. If St. Lucy goes we could as well call it 29-1 or 30-0 to the BLP.

  6. Dennis Kellman has done very little for St. Lucy and the people over the years. He did it for himself. Don’t be fool by his words. It is time to get rid of him from St. Lucy by allowing the BLP to take over that seat. If it does not happen this time …We are so dead and the people of St Lucy will be so daft. There is not even one resource center in St Lucy and no activities to develop the young nor the old…It is a disgrace and Kellman does not care about anyone but himself and Moon town. He has no loyalty to the people.

  7. @Bajan

    Please explain why if as you suggest Kellman has done nothing his repeated successes. He is one of the long serving politicians in the lower house.

  8. I have studied the behavior of the people of St. Lucy and I in fact, it has been a DLP strong hole for a long time and many families who were Dems rather not for what ever reason. Furthermore, failing to put forward a very strong BLP representative has added to his advantage. The DLP was beaten once in St Lucy and can be beaten again not doubts about that.
    The younger folks today can be inspired to bring about that change in St. Lucy and as I said earlier, nothing is happening for the people and I think this time the people will be looking and reflecting on that. Kellman has to go. I don’t believe that he really has St. Lucy’s needs to heart.

  9. Just to let you know….I am already in contact with just over 100 new voters and they want and will put Mr Kellman OUT.
    Kellman has nothing to offer and nothing shall he gain.

  10. @ David
    These politician are finding quite unorthodox methods of using your E-PICKS… a wonder what next ?…Noticing also… the deferring of the opportunity of conversing with bloggers…why ?i don’t know..why if I were a politician I would welcome the opp ….( and not enter n RUN away like some)..to show my PROWESS…

    • @Onions

      Politicians and you should now this well will never come to BU in droves. The answer is simple, no bullshit tolerated.

  11. @ Observing….We will smile in your face when Kellman is given the BOOT….he is useless.
    I was very previlaged to give one of his DLP “warriors” a ride.
    These are the words he said to me….” Vote te to a$$ out he too selfish and he dont do nothing fa nobody in St.Lucy. I know who aint voting for him..me and my family.”

    PS: He is the father of 10 children and numerous grands and great grans.
    You will eat your words.

  12. Another point to ponder…You have all of not one…ALL of kellman’s heavyweight machinery that helped him in the pass, leaving him because he too self centered and selfish.

  13. If Kellman is beaten in St.Lucy then we’re back to about two or three blind mice. However, St.Lucy is a funny place, above the hill usually vote BLP, below the hill usually vote DLP. Two general elections ago, I think the same Peter Philip beat him in some once DLp areas. While I don’t think he would lose, I don’t think he would win by any vast majority either. Let me balance that by saying I don’t think Owen Arthur will beat Benn by a big margin either.

  14. Kellman will go. There is a steady and determined effort to uproot Kellman this time around. From my humble observation these persons are organised and committed. Never before have I seen so many persons particularly the young more focussed and eager. They have one singular purpose that is to rid St. Lucy of this menace. Kellman will go.

  15. Kellman is safe for this election. St. Lucy is DLP land. The west votes BLP and the eastern parts vote DLP. Had the BLP run a stronger canidate with less baggage then they might have stood a chance. Mr. Phillips was born at Pie Corner yet he cannot that box or any of the boxes close by. “I wonder why” Kellman you can prepare your suit to go and meet the GG to be sworn in as the MP for 2013-2019

  16. @ DMC. Think again. Mr.Phillips has many supporters in LE1 and LE2 and they are growing.
    We are not perfect. If Peter Phillips have baggage, Dennis Kellman has to have LUGGAGE, because its mounting. Remember, two can play that game.
    Welcome to a different St.Lucy.
    Ps : I hope that your not referring to that same ole grey suit that he wears to every function. The people of St.Lucy prides themselves on dressing.

  17. @ MysteryMan.. I am thinking again. Mr. Kellman is the best canidate for St. Lucy. Whenever the name Peter Phillips is mentioned people always make the same comment ” not that b—-r” Common guy we voting for real men in St. Lucy

  18. @DMC . You need to be amgonst the people. Irresepective of the name calling and slander because thats the nasty game that Kellman wants to play, people will come out in their numbers to see that he doesnt win back this seat. If you havent heard, the Peter Phillips Road show has taken off to a tremendous response. The young people are out in droves echoing the same sentiments, ” Denis Kellman to Selfish. He want everything in Moontown.” St.Lucy isnt just made up of one town. The various districts that he has neglected because he thought that his seat was “safe/ has now turned and will bite him in the @$$. Ask all the shopkeepers that are very thankful to Mr.Phillips for such a venture. Kellmanomics clearly aint working because we the people of St.Lucy have common sense and will excercise it come election day. Dont forget to tune in to the MysteryMan Show this and every tuesday night 7-8 pm.


  19. If the DEMs win St Lucy, it will show how deceitful, ignorant and uncaring the voters are. For so long Dennis was in office and did nothing for the community. He is all talk and NO ACTION.All this big plan for St. Lucy is really about his personal growth and development. It was said that if he loses this time around, he is going to close Moon Town…But who cares may be de rum drinkers.On a serious note, even though Kellman is a friendly person , his work in St Lucy has to be most important and that wasn’t so , isn’t so now and will not be so. If kellman was doing his work in St Lucy I would certainly give in my vote but he didn’t deliver and therefore I will not vote for him.

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