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  • PM Mia say listen to this. Nice tune.


  • Charles Knights

    Can we as a society at a time of great crisis go beyond the ordinary norms for the greater good.

    I think we can.
    The old lady in a humble dwelling deserves our support, the young girl with young mouths to feed is also entitled. Let us all see the bigger picture and in so doing go to basics of a society which has enable mankind to survive for thousands of years. See the good,be kind, think of others less well placed than ourselves and help them if we can.

    When this time has passed and it will, it always does. Even if we are not here to see it our children will and if not them some one who benifeted from our kindness.

    As a society see ourselves as one people, rise to the challenge.
    We have it within ourselves to rise beyond the ordinary. Not because we are Bajan but because we will be a kind Bajan society.


  • @Charles Knight

    Good to see you on BU’s pages.


  • G G is still the one I listen to the most. lol


  • G G has me mesmerized tonight.lol


  • Would like to see a Ladies of Soul concert in Amsterdam next year….if God spare life.


  • Hants,

    I checked out the Purple Rain video. It was an interesting interpretation.

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  • Charles Knights

    A Barefoot Bajan Boy in Berlin

    I was a passenger in a window seat as the train pulled into Berlin Railway station. Immediately a soldier standing on the platform drew my attention.

    He was a Russian soldier, the first I had seen in uniform. He was very swarthy of complexion, my gaze lingered on him and he returned my gaze. For about ten seconds we just looked at each other. There was no hostility in that interaction, just a look of interest. The train did not linger long at the station. Then it slowly inched forward. I glanced down at his boots, thinking someone must have spent a long time polishing those. He had followed my gaze, there was the flicker of a smile on his face. One soldier to another acknowledging the effort required in preparation of kit.

    Why was I in Berlin? I was a soldier in the British Army Corps of Royal Engineers. Attached to a detachment sent to relieve an Infantry Brigade in the district of Spandau. We would be stationed at Spandau Barracks which was next door to Spandau prison. Detained in the prison was Rudolph Hess, Adolph Hitler’s deputy during the second world war. He had been convicted of war crimes at the Nuremberg Trials. He was the last prisoner to be detained there. After his suicide the prison was demolished. The space on which it stood is now a car park so is history. But I saw it with my own eyes.

    The prison was guarded in rotation by the major allies of the second world war. Russia, America and Britain amongst them. Apart from the usual guards in the prison there was a high lookout position, always manned with armed soldiers

    The Spandau barracks where I was stationed was a separate entity to the prison. We had our own internal security arrangements. We were only next door what separated us was only a wire fence. To the observer from the road that could not be seen.

    When it was my turn to do guard duty at night. The format was usually instructions, collect weapons from Armoury, ammunition checked and signed for. One then prepared for the night hoping that your watch would not be one in the early morning.

    At night in the dark when it was quiet, those Sunday afternoons when as a young boy attending Dalkeith Church Sunday school would come to the fore. Then thousands of miles away from where I was born, in my mind. I walked along Lanes Road, Scott’s Gap, Weirs Gap in Brittons Hill, I would say a simple prayer: “God please let me see my mother’s face once again”.
    Often I would lay on my bed at night and think less than twenty five yards in his bed is Rudoph Hess. A man who four great nations were spending a lot of money and effort to ensure he is detained in Spandau prison.

    Now who would believe that East Germans were shot by East German soldiers to prevent them leaving East Germany for the West.

    My Army discharge book among other entries states: Active service Berlin BAOR”. ( BAOR means British Army Of the Rhine)

    Just that line brings back memories but there are others.

    One pleasant summer’s day my wife and I walked through the gates of Buckingham palace invitation in hand. To attend her Majesty the Queen’s garden party.

    ( The sunshine made me think of Barbados, when as a boy I walked through the Pine on my way to St Giles Boys School. The dedicated teachers at that school, for example Mrs Riley her kindness to a young boy just five or six years of age. In all humility I remember her with great fondness)

    The military bands played in the background the most appropriate of music. As her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Party walked down the line of guests.

    I remembered my mother and what she told me that shaped my life.
    It does not matter if in far away places but events influence your life even as a small boy.
    Even for a Barefoot boy from Brittons Hill.


  • Charles Knights

    Boris Johnson Prime Minister of the United Kingdom goes into intensive care in Hospital.


  • Charles Knights

    May I politely add a Postscript to The Little Boy Who Wanted The Flute.
    My mother’s decision did not harm me in any way. Neither was any harm later caused to my own family.

    I loved my mother dearly throughout her life.

    Both of my children have followed their chosen professions, having successfully graduated from University. They are both married and settled with their own families.

    To end on a musical note where it started. All (3) of my grandchildren play musical instruments to a good standard. My eldest is so proficient that last year he did a successful tour of America, which was well acclaimed.

    This year he was due to perform in Belgium and later Austria but Corona Virus has put that on pause.
    As far as behaviour is concerned I was never in trouble with the Law in Barbados, Canada, America, Germany, UK or other countries I have lived in or visited.

    Even in the Army I was never charged with a misdemeanor during my years of service.

    I have been happily married to the same woman for more than fifty two (52) years.
    When I was placed in a position to make important decisions over others, I was at peace with myself.
    These days I enjoy my retirement and the gardening which keeps me busy.

    I have enjoyed reading “all” the comments they have been insightful.

    If you can be anything in life just be kind.


  • Staying home listening to G G is soothing in this climate of doom and gloom.


  • Musical therapy.


  • Sweetness triplicated


  • G G is more than enough.


  • Well done Nicholas Brancker and the band.


  • Really good arrangement.


  • Some of Barbados’ best musicians. Nicholas Branker is a creative arranger.


  • G G is sweeeeeeeet


  • Piece the Prophet

    @ brother Hants

    She is, isn’t she?


  • @ Piece the Prophet,

    She is nice distraction for me. lol

    I trying to stay out of trouble. Can’t understand how the concept of retroactive Dalean law is ok to commission the double deputisation of the commissioner.

    On top of that there is the teflon leader who ” as seen on TV ” keeps the boys and girls in check and can be very photogenic as seen in Nation News below.

    Buh doan mine me G G got me bazodee. lol


  • @ CanBajans,

    These numbers are not good.

    “” TORONTO — Ontario Premier Doug Ford said it is “concerning” that the province has recorded the highest daily number of new COVID-19 cases in two weeks, adding that he’s “up all night” thinking about the recent upward trend.

    On Friday, health officials reported 441 new cases of the disease, bringing the total to 24,628. It is the highest number of new patients since May 8, when 477 new cases were recorded. “


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